Multi-Camera Live Event Streaming

Unlike other videographers, we utilize up to nine cameras that are interconnected wirelessly and switched live to provide viewers with an excellent experience that ensures they miss none of the action. Text cards, pre-recorded video, and drone footage can also be added to the production to enhance its quality. In addition, we provide high-quality recordings that are available digitally or physically after the event. We can live stream to many popular platforms, and integrate password protection for additional privacy if desired. Our services are flexible and can be implemented at any event including weddings, concerts, fundraisers, sporting events, funerals, and ceremonies. 

Events we Specialize in


Our live streaming services are perfect for couples looking to share their big day with guests virtually who are not able to attend in person.

+ Live streaming available to both Facebook and YouTube.
+ Dedicated live stream link is made available prior to the event.
+ Up to 6 camera angles + aerial coverage to enhance stream quality.
+ Private streams are available.


Live Streaming is the perfect way to share a funeral with those who unable to physically be present. Our experience in this area ensures no one will miss the moments that matter most.

+ Live streaming available to both Facebook and YouTube.
+ Private streams available added discretion
+ Includes funeral mass & graveside service.
+ Flat affordable price for all funeral live streams.

Finger Lakes Live Streaming


Live streaming is the perfect solution for bringing live music events to an expansive audience when gathering in person is not possible.

+ Live streaming available to both Facebook and YouTube
+ Professional audio capturing ensures a high-quality end-user experience
+ Pay-per-view/Monetization available

Why Use Us?


Anyone with a smartphone can live stream on Facebook but what they can’t do is share with viewers various camera angles that fully capture any event.


We utilize wireless microphones in combination with ambient microphones to capture great audio for any event.


Text overlays and pre-recorded video is a great way to enhance any live stream and provide viewers with a great experience.


Live or pre-recorded drone footage can be integrated into any live stream to capture the event from every angle.

Featured Projects

Bowling Wedding

Greek Peak Mountain Resort

July 2020

Christmas Concert

St. Peter & Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church

December 2020